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Circuitry - Mini Demo

Circuitry is a 2D platformer/ turn-based RPG where the player assumes the role of a young child who appears to be in a world run by robots. The player must figure out whats going on while also saving (or destroying) robots that are infected with a strange computer virus.

Circuitry is very much inspired by recent games like Undertale, Lisa: the painful RPG and even classics like Punch-Out!!. We created this demo so people can play test our battle system as we've got to a point where we need feedback from fresh eyes.

The demo is quite rough in places like missing audio, janky/missing animations, odd movement, unfinished songs, etc, etc.

Here are the controls:


move: arrow keys

interact: Space bar

Inventory: Z

Jump: X

Skip Text/back: C

toggle fullscreen ingame: F4


move: analogue sticks/dpad

interact: A button

Inventory: Select

Jump: Y button

Skip Text/back: B button

We'd love to hear what you think of this demo once you've finished it. Was it fun? Could you see it working as a much larger game? Any comments/criticisms are welcome.

Please email your feedback to: tiddlytalk@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy it!

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Published136 days ago
Player countSingleplayer


Circuitry V0.75.exe (7 MB)