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Harry S. Plinkett has had enough! Still unable to watch his Night Court VHS tape, he's going after the hack fraud repairmen for revenge.

Plinkett v. Milwaukee is a free, non profit fan game/demo made in 48 hours. If you have no idea who or what Plinkett is, then do yourself a favour and go to: redlettermedia.com

The main reason the game was made was just to see if we could actually do it, and while we did have to cut quite a bit out, we're still proud of what we were able to create. Our Hope is that we can at least entertain one person for the 5 or so minutes it takes to complete.

The game does feature controller support, not sure what controllers but the Xbox 360 and PS4 (with DS4Windows) worked fine when play testing.


Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys

Jump & action: Space bar

Art & Sound effects by Adam Lee


Code & Music by Sean Fitz-Gibbon



We made a new Plinkett game, a much better game: https://wonnone.itch.io/plinketts-little-adventure

Install instructions

Unzip and run the .exe. Pretty simple!


Plinkett v. Milwaukee.zip 5 MB

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