A downloadable game for Windows

Plinkett is still in hot pursuit of Mike and Jay. After stealing space cop's car, he ends up travelling back in time during an alien invasion. Mr Plinkett knows Mike and Jay are here somewhere and won't stop until he finds them.



  • Jump: Space bar
  • Shoot: C Key
  • Dash: Z key
  • Movement: Arrow Keys


  • Jump: A BUTTON
  • Shoot: X BUTTON
  • Dash: B BUTTON

We recommend using an XBOX controller for the best experience


If you've started a game and it's crashed upon shooting the first enemy, then unfortunately you'll need to download this directX thingy in order to fix it:


This issue appears to be a problem with the program we used to create the game (Game Maker: Studio). Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you encounter any other problems, please don't hesitate to message us on twitter. @WonNoneGames

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fan game that contains elements of parody. Characters and situations - whether real or not –are completely fictional. Also it's worth pointing out, we're not affiliated with RedLetterMedia, we've just made a fan game, cause we're fans.



Install instructions

Upzip and play.


Plinkett's Little Adventure V1.05 18 MB


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Hey, is there any chance we can download just the music? Some great tracks here...plus the game's a fun little adventure too. :-)

I've been meaning to do that actually, thanks for reminding me. I'll try to upload it ASAP!

Cool, can't wait!

Sooo...any updates on this? :-P

Just wanted to ask if it's alright to do a let's play of your game for our YouTube Channel? Would prefer to ask permission before we do it :)



Yeah it's absolutely fine :)

Here is Part 1 of our 3 part playthrough of your game!
Saw that RLM actually played it themselves! Well done on that!

Really enjoying this, it's a really great game however the wall climbing is quirky to say the least sometimes works sometimes doesn't. Still having a great time playing it.

Hey, I'm really glad you're enjoying the game. I know the wall climbing has it's quirks, at some point I'm going to tweak it.

Brought back memories of my childhood, had a blast playing it. :)

Hey thanks for posting this! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far ;)